Vindaloo 2Spreading joy during the pandemic

In the build-up to Euro 2020, the country was in the midst of the pandemic.

The national mood was understandably low. It didn’t feel like fans were getting excited for the tournament, being held on English soil for the first time this century. Then the Formidable phone rang. It was actor Will Mellor.

“I want to re-record Vindaloo and release it to raise money for the NHS!”

And, with that, Vindaloo 2 was born.

We pulled together the team to record the single in record time, and approached Deliveroo to back it. Will managed to convince his celebrity mates to take part.

We delivered the entire marketing campaign, collaborating with NHS Charities Together and Deliveroo. Will and the stars promoted it relentlessly and they even sang it live on stage in Wembley before the England vs Germany game.

The campaign successfully raised loads of money to thank the front line workers for their tireless work during the pandemic. And it raised loads of laughs and smiles across the country during a time we needed it the most.

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