About us

In 2014, two friends met up for a cheeky Nando’s.

Although they argued about the right dose of spice, they did agree on one thing – that to connect with culture, brands must blend the mindsets of advertising, entertainment and PR. 

No single discipline ‘in charge’ or clinging to being the ‘lead’ – just an ego-free blend of disciplines and mindsets, ready to embrace new trends and techniques. 

Why did that matter? Because one size doesn’t fit all. It didn’t then and it’s become increasingly true ever since. 

Of course you need creative cut-through on a daily basis. But not every brand should be leaping into TikTok or BeReal. You don’t want to be the proverbial dad dancing at the disco. 

That’s why we give you ideas that are purpose-built for each platform, tailored to your appetite for change and designed to travel well across your target markets.

You also get thinking that works in the real world, not just in somebody’s head. Our integrated, client-facing production team ensures that your work goes live at speed, without sending us all back to the drawing board.

And finally, to make your life as simple as possible, you get a bespoke, multi-skilled team, access to our senior directors and a process that flexes to how you need to work – not the other way round.

So there you have it. Formidable is a supergroup of creatives, producers, strategists, designers, editors, directors, PRs, project managers and social experts – all committed to helping you thrive in culture. 

Like what you hear? Then give us a shout – there’s a Nando’s just round the corner.

You’ll be in good company

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