Sporty AF (And Female)Purpose-driven YouTube Series for Team GB

Team GB wanted to bring to life the characters, personalities and stories of athletes during the year building up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The brief was to create fun, creative and daring content to engage with fans and fuel Team GB’s channels with high-performing video.

Sporty AF (And Female) is a YouTube series celebrating female athletes, their strengths and achievements. Through candid conversations, each episode features four different athletes across a wide variety of Olympic sports.

From body image and menstrual cycles, to gender equality and mental and physical health. Sporty AF sees these impressive athletes discuss shared experiences affecting women both in sport and their day-to-day lives. Hosted by the brilliant AJ Odudu, this empowering, honest, and important series aimed to make an impact on aspiring athletes and young girls all across the UK.

The series was produced by an all-female production team. Generating an environment wherein Team GB athletes felt at ease to speak openly and share some of their most intimate stories, in addition to championing women in production. Following the series, Dr Kate Hutchings, who featured as a guest in two episodes, has set up a female athlete-led forum for athletes to have a voice about making changes for women in the British Olympic sporting sector. They now meet virtually every month.

The six-part series generated a further 140+ pieces of content for Team GB’s social channels, with a staggering 4.96 million impressions and 73,500 engagements across the board. It also spawned a set of Sporty AF merchandise available from the Team GB online shop.

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