Speedy HolidaysCreator-led campaign promoting Amazon’s fast delivery

During the rush of the holiday season, Amazon sought to highlight the swift and reliable delivery experience it offers to Prime members. The “Speedy Holidays” campaign was born out of the insight that the festive period, while magical, is often a whirlwind of last-minute preparations and purchases.

The aim was clear: showcase Amazon’s ability to ease the holiday hustle with fast delivery through an organic and paid social campaign. We tapped into the dynamic energy of Daniel Labelle, a content creator known for his comedic short films doing everyday tasks extremely fast. The campaign’s creative contrasted the quickened pulse of holiday errands with the calm efficiency of Amazon’s service.

Daniel became the face of “Speedy Holidays,” embodying the frantic dash to get everything done perfectly and in time. Coordinating with production at Daniel’s home in Wisconsin, we co-created a series of three films for Amazon’s channels and a piece of content for Daniel’s own channels. Capturing the essence of holiday haste made hassle-free by Prime’s fast delivery. The successful campaign surpassed benchmarks with over 4.5M views, 5M impressions and 280k engagements.

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