Prime DayPromoting Amazon’s biggest deals event on social media since 2021

Amazon looks to connect with new and existing customers each year for its most anticipated shopping event, Prime Day. Since 2021, they’ve briefed us to craft campaigns that roll out with equal effectiveness across the world, bringing a fresh wave of creativity and strategic insight every time.

2021: On a Roll for Prime Day

The 2021 campaign was all about cultural relevance on owned channels. Our research found that roller-skating was seeing a spike in search and interest on social media, so we spun out an attention-grabbing social video idea. We teamed up with three pro skaters and director Anthony Rubinstein to shoot a fun, stunt-filled sequence in one of Amazon’s busy Fulfilment Centres. The campaign activated across 18 markets, surpassing social engagement goals by a staggering 75%.

2022: Prime Day Creator Reveal

For 2022, Amazon wanted us to target Gen Z consumers with the Prime Day date announcement. We partnered with a diverse ensemble of creators known for their originality and viral appeal. From the spectacular VFX of Younes Zarou to the quirky storytelling of Scott’s Reality, the hypnotic moves of Urban Theory, and the edible art of Lara Cakes Anything, this campaign unleashed the creativity of top talent. The creator-led approach paid off – nearly doubling the benchmarks for views and more than tripling engagement targets.


#ad I wonder if I can make it move?! #laramason #cakeanything PrimeDayP.S. this cake was donated to the amazing employees at my local Amazon Fulfilment Centre so none went to waste!#PrimeDayDreamDeals #Amazon

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

2023: Choose Your Prime

In 2023, Amazon aimed to highlight the multifaceted benefits of Prime membership via a creator activation. Our “Choose Your Prime” campaign featured creators reflecting the diverse lifestyles of Prime members. Talent like @loczniki_official, @ArianTeo, @xxlexx007, and @brandonb crafted authentic narratives showcasing how Prime enriches their daily lives – spotlighting the savings, convenience and entertainment that come with membership.


I cannot stress how much Amazon Prime has improved my life, it's literally an essential. You can shop, game, read a book, watch a show, listen to music and SO MUCH MORE!! With benefits like these, every day is a great day to be an Amazon Prime member… and especially with Prime Day coming on July 11 and 12! You should definitely consider signing up for Prime! Head to Amazon to find out more. :D #PrimeDay2023 #Anime #Naruto #Foryou

♬ original sound - Arian Teo - Arian Teo

I always leave it late, but Amazon Prime always comes through… 😅 Music ✅, entertainment ✅, and the spread delivered fast ✅. What’s your party trick? Prime Day coming July 11 and 12! #PrimeDay2023

♬ original sound - BrandonB

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