Prime Changes EverythingPromoting Amazon Prime with meme-tastic social content

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flying cat!

In 2022, Amazon came to us with a brilliant concept. Take world-famous memes and give them a twist, creating alternate universes where we see what happens when Prime is added to the mix. The brief was to push the creative boundaries into absurdity. To make the audience laugh and react while positioning Prime as a catalyst for changing situations for the better.

We were brought on board to help develop the original ideas dreamed up by Amazon’s creative team, as well as come up with fresh ideas from the weird and wonderful meme-verse. They needed to understand the feasibility of licensing various world-famous clips from the annals of internet history. From Chocolate Rain to the Numa Numa Guy. We also conducted research to find out which clips resonated the best across the target audience and markets.

Based on our research, Amazon commissioned the ideas we took into production. The resulting films generated brand love both on paid and organic, receiving overwhelmingly positive reactions and comments.

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