Kit LaunchesSouthampton FC's kit launch campaigns 21-24

Season 23/24: For the Badge

Against the backdrop of relegation, Southampton FC needed to be sympathetic to the fan mood, whilst also inspiring them for the season ahead. Our solution was “For the Badge”.

During a time when fans demanded unwavering commitment, the message was clear: Saints don’t just play the game, they play for the badge. We captured this essence by shooting the players behind impressive projections of St Mary’s, The Dell and the surrounding Southampton landscapes. This allowed each kit to take centre stage while highlighting how each kit’s design related to elements of the iconic SFC club crest. We also captured a high-fashion shoot for the stills aspect of the campaign, designed to capture the soul of commitment to the badge.

Season 22/23: Celebrating Boldness

With three designs moving away from usual traditions of a Saints kit, the club wanted to hero the bold designs in parallel to the many brave and inspiring stories of their fan base. So for the 22/23 season, we championed the “Southampton Way”, with tales of courage and bravery. We crafted a campaign that celebrated the club’s bold spirit, based on the bold designs of the new kits, featuring real-life fan stories that paralleled the players’ own tenacity and grit. Through films, photography, and NFTs, each kit launch was not just an announcement, but a statement of bravery and support.

Season 21/22: An AR-Integrated Kit Launch

In the 21/22 season, we were briefed to launch a kit that would give Saints fans a unique experience by experimenting with technology. We set a precedent with a world-first: an AR-integrated football kit. Partnering with Unit9, we created an interactive experience allowing fans to scan the shirt and unlock a treasure trove of exclusive Saints content. This campaign not only celebrated the club’s 20 years at St Mary’s Stadium but also its DNA, earning us recognition for innovative content and technology.

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