The EE BAFTAsEE (2015-present)

Film & music awards have always been part of our DNA as an agency, and we’ve been EE’s partner for social and PR content at every British Academy Film Awards since 2015. 

EE’s main video objectives are twofold: entertaining social videos to engage UK audiences before, during and after the event, and branded news clips to distribute to the world’s media covering the event, all delivered at breakneck speed. As the title sponsor, EE has unrivalled access to all aspects of the event and needs a partner who can leverage that access to deliver against their objectives. 

We interview the stars on the red carpet, grab exclusive chats backstage with the winners, capture the big stories and the moments of glamour, all while ensuring prominence for EE’s brand and activations throughout.

We run a digital media centre for easy access to content by users across the globe and clips are uploaded on a rolling basis during the event. Our edit team turns around content with unbeatable pace – EE is posting fully finished videos to social and journalists are downloading our content soon after the first guests have arrived on the red carpet. By the time the ceremony finishes at 9.00pm we have already uploaded hundreds of clips of the action. The operation continues throughout the night and into the following morning, producing fresh edits and highlights reels as the stories of the awards unfold.

Photography © Jeff Moore

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